The dentist’s office can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but at Seven Lakes Dental we’re doing our best to turn that idea on its head. If you are looking for a dentist in Smokey Point, Arlington, or Marysville,WA,  you’ve come to the right place.

We talk with our patients, not to them.

Some dentists rattle off a complicated procedure and expect you to jump on board. Dr. Steven Thomas and Dr. Brad Larreau take a different approach.

We sit with you and show you what’s going on in your mouth with our extensive x-rays and digital imaging. As well as talk with you about the pros and cons of your various options. We translate medical terminology into plain English, so you can really understand and evaluate your options.

We want you to take an active role in your dental care.

Your treatment preference matters to the Seven Lakes Dental team. When you have a choice to make, we’ll present you with your options, walk you through them, and let you decide. We’ll make a recommendation if you wish, but your treatment plan is yours to define.

We help you stay calm and comfortable in any procedure.

If you’re anxious about your procedure, both doctors offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation to help you get comfortable. And at any time during any procedure, our patients know they can raise their left hand and the procedure will stop, allowing us to address your discomfort or anxiety, or to answer your question.

Treatments We Offer