TMJ refers to the joint connecting your jaw to the rest of your face. If you have persistent facial pain and you can’t pinpoint the cause, a dysfunction of this joint or the surrounding muscles may be the culprit.

Why work with a dentist to treat TMJ?

Some physicians treat TMJ disorders, but it is one of a hundred parts of your wellness they focus on. The Seven Lakes Dental team here in Smokey Point is all about your mouth. We focus on your teeth and bite, and on correcting the cause of your TMJ pain.

“We want to make sure that you’re protected all over.”
Dr. Steven Thomas

We create customized TMJ solutions

The team at Seven Lakes Dental looks at your unique needs to craft a mouthguard that alleviates the sliding and grinding motions often happening while you sleep that can wear on your teeth in addition to causing jaw pain.

Because Seven Lakes Dental can meet virtually all your dental needs, you can be assured of continuing TMJ care, even if something else in your mouth changes. If you are getting a new crown, we can adjust your mouthguard to fit – or we can adjust the crown to fit your existing mouthguard.

Need help with TMJ joint pain? We can help at Seven Lakes Dental in Smokey Point, WA.